conceptual design

How Outsourcing Conceptual Design Can Help Your Business

Product design is essential in a vast array of industries, yet oftentimes we find that our core competencies are not in the design of products but in the manufacturing, marketing, and selling of them. Simply put, not every team can afford to have an expert industrial engineer or designer. This leads to an immense amount of time wasted on the design and implementation of poor products that eventually fail in the market. While we want to avoid this at all costs, it can be difficult if you are constrained by not having a conceptual design expert on the team.

Invest in Design

In order to help you bring products to market with greater speed, it may be best for you to consider enlisting the services of an engineering firm that specializes in industrial design. Given that small manufacturers realized a 17.5% increase in average sales after investing in design, this can truly help to bring your business to the next level. Here are two of the biggest benefits of working with engineering experts and how they can bring massive value to your firm.


In any industry, it is vital that we perform our business functions as quickly as possible, while of course maintaining our standards of quality. Oftentimes, harsh deadlines create a very rushed conceptual design process, which is what eventually leads to huge problems throughout the product’s lifecycle. This is often exacerbated when a business’s core competencies do not involve industrial design. By enlisting a product design firm, you will be able to get higher-quality prototypes of potential products, in a much faster time. This is due to the firm being able to focus solely on the design of your product, without the same outside pressures that you and your team may be facing.


Given the much faster rate of the conceptual design process when outsourced, the firm will be able to take you through multiple prototypes and iterations of the product. As you go through this process, your product will become more and more refined, giving you a higher chance of bringing a successful product to market. Through this iterative process, you will be able to create a product that is better than you imagined, and not have to worry about being forced to proceed with an unsatisfactory product.

The value of outsourcing and investing in conceptual design is clear and has helped create immense value for many businesses just like yours. By working with a firm like Core Design, you can focus on what you’re good at, and reap the rewards of investing in professional engineers.