What Makes Concept Design So Important During Product Development?

There are many stages involved in product development. While it’s understandable to want to develop a new product as quickly and efficiently as possible, these multiple stages are necessary to ensure a product has the greatest possible chance of succeeding when it hits the market. One of the earliest stages of product development is concept design.

Concept design is essential, but it involves far more than designing the initial appearance of the new product. In fact, during concept development, there are four key aspects that need to be considered, which is why this stage is so vital during product development.

The four key aspects that are considered during the stage of concept design include:

  • Usability: Usability is detrimental to the success of your product. If a product looks appealing, but it isn’t functional, it won’t sell. Remember that your new product is being developed with a need in mind. Your product ought to be solving a problem that the user has. If you create a product hoping to find a problem it can solve, but that problem does not exist, your product will fail.
  • User experience: It isn’t enough for a product to be functional and meet the needs of its user base. If users have a bad experience using the product, they’re likely to look elsewhere for a solution. For instance, if you have a self-cleaning cat litter box that’s meant to solve the issue of bad litter smells in the user’s home, but the product is difficult to use, your audience may opt for alternatives to your product.
  • Technology: What all technology does the product need to meet the needs of your user base? Understanding the mechanics and what will be needed at this phase is crucial for gauging the pricing of the product in terms of manufacturing and sales. Understanding the technology needed to accomplish the product’s goal is also crucial because it can help you simplify the product as much as possible to get it down to the bare technological necessities.
  • Styling: Not only does your product need to be functional and solve a problem your user base has, but it also needs to be relatively appealing. Consider how the product reflects your brand and what your business stands for. For instance, many Apple products look similar with a sleek and smooth design, usually in a white finish. Styling your products during this phase can help you establish your brand and can help you appeal to a larger audience.

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