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Why Is Prototyping So Important for Product Development?

When a product is being developed, a prototype is created to illustrate what the final plan is going to look like. It could be something as simple as a sketch, or as complex as a 3D print. Learn more about why they are so important for product development right here.

What Is a Prototype?

A prototype is a way of developing a model of a product. It’s the rough idea or vision in your head of the final design. The initial model is not going to be the most accurate model of the product or design in question. The prototype phase is a testing phase for all stakeholders to get answers.

During the development of a product or concept, the four things every management team looks at are usability, technology, styling, and user experience. These concepts speak to the intent of the design, to give the developers a more concrete understanding of the intent of the product.

A prototype also allows you to streamline the entire process. This streamlining at the prototype level will reduce the workload of the designer down the road.

Prototype Feedback

Design feedback can be gathered at any stage, which will enable developers to test what works and what doesn’t. The feedback allows the developer to work with the team to define goals from those reviews and make decisions with the stakeholders.

Prototypes enable developers to make changes to the development strategy early in the process. From feedback throughout the prototype phase, the product or design could undergo multiple phases of remodeling. It’s much easier and more affordable to make changes during the prototype stage.

Outsource Your Prototype Development

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