3 Ways Product Design Enhances Your Brand Identity

3 Ways Product Design Enhances Your Brand Identity

When we think about successful companies such as Apple, Nike, and Amazon, their brand identity is huge. Brand identity speaks volumes for your business. Arguably, it is among one of the most effective marketing techniques. It’s also one of the biggest keys to business success. When customers are able to clearly recognize your brand, it substantially improves your company’s reputation and in turn, naturally results in people talking about your business.

Product Design

Imagining and creating products that solve problems or address specific needs is the key to successful product design. A better understanding of the person for whom the product is being created will help design the ideal product and in a result, create a more impactful brand identity. Here are three ways that product design enhances your brand identity.

1. Make Your Product Memorable

People are more likely to remember interactions with your business when your design is aesthetically pleasing and different. A poorly designed logo, out-of-date website, or product design makes your brand less pleasing and difficult to remember. The key is to make an impression on consumers that goes beyond the product they are actually getting.

As mentioned earlier, the successful companies listed all have unique logos specific to their brands. This differentiates them from competitors and, in turn, creates a stronger brand identity. Aside from quality products, Apple, Nike, and Amazon also have a strong brand identity from being recognizable.

2. Communicate Your Mission and Values

Product design has the power to communicate your mission and business values. This helps you speak to your customers who share your values and feel inspired by your brand. When your product design resonates with your audience, you’ll attract the correct consumer for your brand.

3. Elevate Your Products

Design should speak for your product and subtly elevate it. Consider the development of your product design for a stronger brand identity a must. Elevating your products is important in a world where there are so many distractions. Engineering a product design that catches the right people will significantly help people better remember your brand.


Product design and product development for brand identity is a really important marketing technique to keep in mind when developing your business. Other aspects of your business don’t mean as much without a solid and familiar brand design. If a clear product design strategy isn’t already established for your business, it is a good idea to start working towards prototyping!