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What Factors Make for a Great Product Design?

When small manufacturers invest in product design, they typically see an average sales increase of up to 17.5%. Are you considering an investment in a new or updated product design for your business? Continue reading to learn more about what makes a great design from start to finish.

Generation and Refinement

The development process begins with the conceptualization of your design. Choose a professional product development team to work with you throughout the creative process, from the initial brainstorming to research and concept development. Planning, professional engineering, and marketing expertise combine to create the basis for your design.

Once this stage is complete, a design team will combine the best concepts with your feedback to create a more streamlined design idea. Continuous optimization of ideas combined with an ever-evolving approach to maximizing the best development strategies makes for a smooth and successful transition to the engineering process. All the best components, materials, and manufacturing options are also integrated into the process.


The refinement process continues throughout the engineering stage of development, as your product continues to come to life. Ideas are transformed through meticulous engineering concepts, model making, and digital renderings to better understand the product design and its functionality. A professional and experienced product development team will have the engineering expertise necessary to provide you with optimum quality and usability, while rigorous testing methods further your product’s objective.

Prototype development is also a key part of the engineering stage and can be used as an initial physical representation of your product. This development stage gives you the advantage of completing further testing, as well as the ability to demonstrate your product and receive consumer feedback.

Product Launch

To begin manufacturing, you will need ongoing support from your product development team. Launching your product is a multi-phased approach that requires both manufacturing and sourcing. An expert team will be able to assist you through every stage of the process and beyond. Once the product is on the market, count on your product development team to provide further support in the form of concurrent engineering and production updates.

Effective product design is an in-depth process that requires imagination and innovation, as well as engineering expertise and technological know-how. Take your ideas to the next level with a product development company that has everything you need to make the process, and your product, a success.

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How Can Outsourcing Product Prototyping Help You Save Money?

According to Harvard Business School, approximately 30,000 new products are put on the market every year. Unfortunately, up to 95% of those new products fail. This is disappointing for many businesses who put a lot of time, money, and effort into developing their products.

The good news is that your business can actually make product development more affordable and easier by outsourcing your product prototyping to a professional product design firm.

How can outsourcing product prototyping help my business?

Product development takes time, but it’s not a step that you can skip. A product prototype gives your business the ability to set a product up for success as much as possible. It’s important to consider four aspects of the product during the development process: user experience, styling, usability, and technology. However, businesses don’t always have the time to develop product prototypes like they’d want to. That’s where outsourcing product prototyping comes in.

Outsourcing product prototyping can help your business save time and money during the product development process. Outsourcing does this for three reasons:

  • Reduces risks. One of the cool things about outsourcing a product design firm is that you’re getting professional help from experienced engineers who know what they’re doing. That means when your products eventually do hit the market, they stand a greater chance at succeeding compared to products that weren’t professionally designed.
  • Controls costs. When you outsource a product prototype service, you’re typically paying a flat fee according to the services you purchase. Compare this to when you don’t outsource. Not only are you paying the salaries of individual engineers at your firm, but you’re also paying for any potential hiccups or mistakes in the product prototype process. By outsourcing, you never have to be surprised by certain costs.
  • Focus on your business. When you’re working on product prototypes in-house, you’re losing valuable time you could be spending elsewhere helping customers, improving marketing strategies, and reaching out to business partners. By outsourcing your product prototyping services, you can focus instead on the work that needs to get done.

Are you looking for a professional prototyping company to help with your product development? Core Design is the product design firm for you. For more information about our prototyping services, contact Core Design today.