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What Are the Product Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2021?

Consumer behavior is changing and, if you are a retailer or producer, it is important to know just how that behavior is changing so you can tailor your marketing. Innovative designs for both physical and digital products are key in keeping up with design trends, so it’s good to know what those trends are. Here are a few key product design trends to be on the lookout for in 2021.

Highly Personalized Designs

Personalized designs offer an experience to clients, and this is something to keep an eye open for. When a client feels that the product is made with them in mind, they are more likely to patronize the brand and become returning customers.

Innovative designs that feel personalized are what most businesses are focussing on. Up to 64% of people said they purchase products off the shelf without doing prior research on them as long as they like the packaging. If you can appeal to potential customers in this way, that is one-half of your marketing taken care of.

Transparency and Safety

After 2020, many people started paying attention to sanitation and cleanliness. With people more conscious about their health, it will be helpful for your brand or business to highlight the safety and hygienic standards of your products. This includes transparent packages and complementary products among others.

The Human Touch

Many people realized the importance of a personal connection after the restrictions that were put in place during the pandemic. Hand-drawn elements on logos and websites, for instance, add a warm touch to a brand which is what many people will be looking for.

Sustainable Packaging

Innovative designs don’t stop at simply being appealing, as many people are becoming health-conscious and want to associate with eco-friendly brands and products. Making use of reusable packaging is one thing you can do to make sure your brand is eco-friendly.

Functionality in Design

With many people spending their time indoors, working, and schooling from home, it is becoming evident that convenience is an important aspect. If you can paint your products in a light that emphasizes the convenience they bring to users, you will have gone a long way in winning crowds over.

While design should be unique and artistic for every individual brand, it is important to take note of the direction that a majority of people are headed in. This will help you design for the masses, which will be good for your brand in the long term.

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